Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sisterhood Effect

This is how i and My lil sister spent a day.

Doing nothing, just photo shooting :))

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baby brown paris II unbranded Stripes top II orange knitted outwear (Pasar Senen) II teenation jeans II bronze flat shoes (the little things she needs) II sophie martin watch II unbranded owl necklace

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unbranded navy blue pashmina II unbranded grey top (Pasar Kaget Bara) II unbranded black jeans II unbranded ankle boots II guess watch II

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and we also wanna say......

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hopely we can be a better person, have a better life, and happily ever after.



Sunday, November 20, 2011

Window shopper


meet sunday again.

me and my partner in shopping (my sis) have no plan to do..

So, we just only window shopping today *sigh*

here is our outfit today

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Espree Black printed shirt; Unbranded mustard T-shirt; unbranded off-white skirt (gifted from friend); brown paris scarf (gifted from my sis)

and my sis...
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unbranded green shirt (Pasar Senen); Unbranded black top; unbranded black jeans; grey paris scarf

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Thursday, November 17, 2011



Long time not posting in my blog...
soooo much thing i wanna tell, exactly.

But i dunno.. the time feels turning so fast recently.
And i feel like no time. Even just to sit and write many things in my blog

Actually,i'm in high pressure of work nowadays.
So that i've no time to share something in my blog.
What a pity, huh?
yep.... that's a life.
We not always facing something amusing all the time.

and lil' bit dizzy...
almost i face it every day.

Hopely this fase will be over soon.
And i will pass it with a big smile in my face.



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