Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Name, New Header

Trying to change my blog name and header become more minimalist.
Exactly, the "Tosca and Grey" name is my tumblr name. I wanna use it in my blog too because its sound quite unique and easy to remember *tehee*

and for the header design, i using black, white, tosca and grey color. Hopely it looks more mature than my header before. Hehe. *you wish*

So...What do you think about my new name and header my dear readers? quite good isn't it? *wink*

PS: I think i must change the background.. but i'd prefer to keep it for a moment (still can't leave the childist sense)


  1. I have a new name too ;-)
    (mudah-mudahan nulis bahasa inggrisnya bener)

    betewe, *tehee itu apa si?

    1. kok judul blognya "Dicky dan..."??

      'Tehee' itu maksudnya 'nyengir' :)



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