Sunday, March 4, 2012

About The Boots

How to mix and match the boots:

1. To Work
If you are a landscape architect or engineer who can suddenly must go to the field of your project, you absolutely need to wear safety shoes or other similar shoes. Don't be afraid to look not stylist. You can wear that kind of shoes (i'd prefer to wear my doc marten boots) and combine it with knit and my comfy stripes t-shirt. Wear it with your super comfy jeans or pants. Don't forget to roll up the leg part to make it more chic.


Stripes T-Shirt, Pink Paris Veil, Owl Necklace (Unbranded)
Pink Knit (Tanah Abang)
Blue jeans (Teen Jeans)
Boots (Doc Marten)

1. To Campus
If its not rainy season, you can wear your fancy boots with your favorite tee (its good if the tee have same gradation color with your boots) and legging jeans. And you ready to go to campus with style... :)


Jeans, Brown Paris Veil, brown top(Unbranded)
Orange Tee (Forever 21)
Boots (Adorable)

Happy trying :)



  1. at first i thought u wore real safety boots phew, then i recognized that it were ur docs, haha *efek tiap hari make safety -___-

    1. Hehe.. doc mart gw udh sering di blg mirip safety shoes ca gara2 warnanya item. Lebih parah adek gw yg bilang ky sepatu hansip -__-"

      Wahh.. pake safety shoes ky gmn ca?? caterpillar? mau liaat :))



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