Sunday, April 8, 2012

Meet the 9 Planets

Holla....!! its quite a long time that i didn't post anything.
Yep. I lil bit haven't enough mood to blogging nowadays. Dunno why...
Maybe because the work life thingy and other things came up and screw my mood to posting a blog *too much reason* *tehee*

Well, Many events I have passed a few weeks ago.
One of thet event is when my boyfie is coming to town *yeaaay~*
and he bring his gang to meet me *woot woot*
The gang is called "9 Planets".
My boyfie is as Mars Planet. So that he always write down his name with "MRZ" which is an acronym of the word "Mars" itself. Actually, i dunno for sure why they call their gang with that name. Maybe there's a story behind (it seems my boyfie have tell this to me but i forget :p better i ask my boyfie again later)

Here is some picture of us..


(left-right) Above: Anith, Phewz, Danto, Rio, Mpay; Below: Mrz, Sandro, Evel, Afi.
*Actually there is a 9 Planets member who was absent, named Fuad. He was out of town*


My Outfit:
Dress (Phewz private collection)
Flats (TLTSN)
Brown Paris veil, owl necklace, watch (Unbranded)

Its nice to meet them :))




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