Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Sunday


Hello everyone! How was your sunday? is it good or bad?
I hope you all have a happy sunday like me *tehee*

I wanna share my activity today.... keep reading yaa :)

Firstly, i attend the wedding party of Pak Aswar's daughter (my mom's friends) in the morning.. I just eat a little in there because the party is so crowdand my father don't like with this situation. So we dont spend many time in here.

And here is what i and my siblings wear on the wedding ceremony:
(My lil sister)
(My lil brother)


Then, as my family habit, we prefer to go to any other places beside go back to our home :)
And we don't have any plan to go to. But actually, my lil brother want to go to Jakarta Fair a.k.a Pekan Raya Jakarta (PRJ)
*this is such an annual festival which held once in a year to celebrate Jakarta City's birthday on 22nd June*
But my lil sis and i said, "nooo... it's boring.." *well, we often to go there anyway :p*

So, i give a suggestion, "Why don't we go to Ancol to take a photoshoot??" *what a narsismn idea* *tehee*
And my father drive we to there. Yippiey.....

After pray, me and my siblings take photoshoot :)) *dasar kakak-beradik yang narsis* *pardon us*
here's some photo we take (ps: i dont bring the changing clothes. So i just wear the outfit same as in the wedding ceremony and i just change my hijab style :p)



Photo by: Mogie Prasidaya W (My lil sis. Check out her superb blog here)
Edited by: Me

So... that's it for today. Thank you for reading and hopely can drop by something :))



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  1. phew, itu dimanakah lokasinya?
    bagus banget deh..
    *pengen* :D

  2. eh, phew,,,ini di ancol yah? koo kayana agak beda yah jembatannya? hehehe...

  3. iya wisda.. Ini aku foto2 di ancol.. deket dermaga one :)



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