Saturday, September 8, 2012




Hello blogworld. Me miss you so muchos :*
Verily, many things that i wanna share in this blog. But since there is an application called "Instagram". I become an instagramer than a blogger. Blame me for neglecting my blog *plaak :p

So... how was ur life dear readers? hopely great and happy always huh?

Talking about life... I'm in the "masa-masa galau" age. As u know. I'm 24 y.o right now and some of my friend have their own new life (read: having married)

Well yeah... marriage.. something sacral and holy for me.


Okay, forget about this galau situation.

By the way... my cousin just held a wedding ceremony today. And i'm excited to share the photo to you my lovely readers :* hehehe

My Outfit today:

"All About Purple"

scarf (Debenhams)
Top (Mom's)
Clutch (iBag)
Wedges (Unbranded)
Kain Batik Kudus (Gift from friend)

My Simple Make Up:

As Always... My Partner in Crime:

Dunno why i'm so in love with PURPLE nowadays.
Should i change this blog tittle with PURPLE too? hehe....

And actually... I like to attend the wedding ceremony.... because there is a happiness atmosphere and free delicious food indeed *tehee :))

Yep... i think thats it for today....
For anyone who have wedding today, i wish a very happy wedding and become a SAMARA family. Amiin ya Rabbal alamin.

Waiting for my turn... hehe :)



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