Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Suka sekali dengan video klip ini dan kata-kata di dalamnya :')



Saturday, November 3, 2012

T.A.G Tosca and Grey

HOLLA! long time not seeing you dear readers....

Sorry for neglecting my blog. Recently, i become a multitasking person. Besides become busy with my work life, i also start to run my own business.

Yuuup... its one of my dream that i wanna have my own label.with my own store :))
So i start to have a little business with my lil sister and mom. I named my label with..

Why i named that?

Actually, Tosca and Grey its my fave color. Besides, Tosca and Grey are mixture of two color.
Tosca is from Blue-Green (represent of nature color ~ My landscape soul)
And Grey is from Black-White (represent of the nature of man ~ the good and bad). *very philosophy huh? :p

I hope my product is like tagline of landscape "esthetic and functional" even no doubt there were flaws and strengths :)

And FYI, T.A.G is also a abbreviation of Trista.Anca.Giez. My sisterhood-brotherhood nick name :p

Okay, enough for the prologue story. And now i would like to share my label. Tadaaa...

The Logo

Also kindly to visit our Fan Page in Facebook:

Facebook Fan Page. Click Here

We sell Handmade Accessoris and Custom Bag with best quality.

Cmon come and visit our page dear my lovely readers :)))

Many thanks for your kind attention............................


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