Wednesday, March 12, 2014



Hi blogger world. Its been a looooooooooooooong time since my last post.
Well yeah. Currently i like to post on other social media such as path or instagram. So feel sorry for you blogspot.

However... this blog and my tumblr are used to be my place that i used name tosca and grey for the first time (which is my online fashion shop now).

Actually i become a freelance and begin to focus on my online shop. So, say bye to full time job then. Haha :D
And talking about my shop, right now i concern about covered style. So, Insha Allah, i will try to sell shawls, scarfs and apparel whis can covered muslimah (as has been written in theQuran). Wish me istiqomah dear readers :)

In order that, the new collection, called KAHLA Khimar are design to covered our chest yet still stylist.

I will tell you the story behind KAHLA photoshoot:
Kahla in Arabic means adults
If within the Irish language means beautiful.

Then why is there an umbrella? Umbrella that reflects khimar. Idioms khimar himself in Arabic means covering the head or so-called headscarf.

So, i expect KAHLA khimar can protect and covering aurat of a woman and can reflect the beautiful and mature woman :)

Insha Allah ....

And so with HANA khimar.
HANA made by different material (KAHLA made from spandek and HANA made from cerruti).

HANA in Arabic means provision that facilitated. But in Japan language means Flower.
Well, its seem i believe that every name contains dua. So, i try to choose a good name for my new collection.

More details, kindly visit of just visit our instagram @toscaandgrey

Hope you like my new collection of TOSCA AND GREY
Syukron :)



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